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Digitization and Document Tagging

USP Soft Solutions provides professional document scanning and conversion services to organizations in various industries and government. We combine our 25 years of experience with the best scanning equipment and our proven work flow process to ensure the success of our clients’ digital conversion projects. Our highly trained project managers, scan operators and QC technicians make certain that your documents are processed accurately with the utmost care.

Our ultimate goal is to provide highest possible image quality and accurate index data so that your electronic documents can go to work for you. Our technical capabilities include assuring compatibility with the most popular document management systems on the market.

Advantages of Digitizing the Documents

There are countless benefits of digitizing documents. When you scan and digitize a document, it −

  • Can be easily cloned, accessed and preserved.
  • Can be securely stored
  • Can be quickly retrieved and updated
  • Can be shared or transferred in no time
  • Will be compatible with all the modes of data transfer digitally
  • Can be shared securely − either as an encrypted URL or as an attachment
  • Can be shared both with the registered and non-registered users, based on the requirement
  • Can be updated whenever required − either the meta data or the entire file can be updated
  • Can be searched within a very short span of time, using the key words
It’s not such a good scenario to be surrounded by tons of files, drowning in all that information but not being able to find it quickly when it is most required. In a tech-savvy world, it is important to get all your things digitized. With the help of digitization services, you can go around the globe without a single strand of paper, helping you to go paperless. Digital documents once stored carefully can be preserved for a lifetime. The document or data can be of any type, be it images, video, audio, texts, business cards which can be digitized without any hassle
We at CSSUP  produce best quality images because digitization helps in a multitude of applications. We make all your documents digitized so that it easier for you to search, access, retrieve, and use the information required. This helps in improving the productivity and efficiency of your company.  There are various benefits of digitizing all your documents like you can preserve any vulnerable documents, store all your documents easily, access them from anywhere at anytime, your documents are safe and secure, makes it easier to collaborate, effortlessly duplicate them, retrieve them easily and quickly, easy to share, saves time and money, and it is compatible with all digital modes. 

Our process of digitization includes the following steps:

  • Collection of Documents
  • Preparation
  • Scanning
  • Conversion
  • Naming
  • Indexing
  • Document Level Tagging
  • OCR Conversion
  • Searchable PDF format
  • QA Check and Delivering

What Makes us Different

We Digitize

  • Advertising Histories
  • Annual Reports
  • Art Work
  • Audio Files
  • Board Minutes
  • Consumer Catalogs
  • Correspondence
  • Employee Newsletters
  • Fabric Swatches
  • Film Reels

We Digitize

  • Garments & Accessories
  • HR Files & Contracts
  • Manuscript Collections
  • Maps & Drawings
  • Media Guides
  • Media Libraries
  • Memorabilia & Artifacts
  • Microfilm & Microfiche
  • News Clippings & Articles
  • Objects

We Digitize

  • Photo Collections
  • Photo Slides & Negatives
  • Point-Of-Sale Materials
  • Press Kits & Releases
  • Radio & TV Programs
  • Sales & Marketing Materials
  • Subject & Research Files
  • Trade Catalogs
  • Transcripts & Legal Documents
  • Video (All Formats)


Paper Documents

We scan documents of any type or size. We have the capacity and experience to convert large projects timely and efficiently. 

Large Formats

 Engineering drawings, maps, plans, blueprints and more. We have scanned over millions large format documents! 

Micro Films

CSSUP has scanning equipment to accommodate high-quality image capture from film-based media. 


We specialize in digitizing all types of books including textbooks, notebooks, manuals, historical texts, ledgers, etc.

Photos and Albums

CSSUP has a laboratory designated to the high quality capture of photographs, slides & negatives 

Technical Manuals

We are experts at making physical technical manuals, documents, binders and folders accessible in electronic format. 

Aperture Cards

We have the experience and capacity to scan hundreds of thousands of 35mm aperture cards on a monthly basis. 

Onsite Scanning

When documents can’t leave your facility, we’ll come to you! We will assemble a team and scanning environment on-site. 

Cloud Hosting

Cloud storage allows you to save office space, cut down on security costs, and grants you immediate access to your files anytime and anywhere.

All Size Documents

We are experience in scanning all type of papers starting from Small Size to A0 Size

Document digitizing process at USP Soft Solutions

  1.  Identifying the need: The customer’s need is identified and captured in this stage to understand their exact requirement
  2. Collecting and aligning documents: The documents are collected from the customer and aligned properly in this stage. Special care is taken to remove all foreign objects like pins, paper clips, thread, spiral bind and others
  3. Scanning the documents: The aligned documents are then scanned properly and saved as an image file
  4. Transferring to a digital format: The scanned documents/images are converted into text files by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The output is then manually checked by proofreaders before converting it into the desired digital format
  5. Indexing the documents: The documents are saved with detailed file names so that they can be easily retrieved whenever needed
  6. Tagging the documents: Automated Document Level Tagging for easy document type Retrieval
  7. Organizing the documents: The documents are organized into separate or combined PDF files as per the customers’ requirements
  8. Packaging the digitized documents: The digitized documents are checked for quality. The error free digitized data is burnt onto a CD, packaged properly and delivered to the customer
  9. Document Upload: All the documents output format can be easily uploaded in bulk to any EDMS Software like your Share Point, IBM File Net, USP Docs etc

Document digitizing process at USP Soft Solutions

There are many benefits of shifting to digitized documents. Digital documents and data are:

  • Easy to preserve
  • Easy to store, retrieve and update
  • Easy to clone
  • Quickly accessible
  • Easy to share and transport
  • Compatible with all modes of digital data transfer

Digitization Services